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Blessrng allegations

Content warning: This report by CGMagazine contains explicit information surrounding sexual assault, harassment and abuse. Many of the stories are graphic. You can read the consistently updated list of claims at your own discretion through “Jessy Quil‘s” Medium post here.

Over a hundred streamers, content creators and employees in the gaming industry are sharing stories of sexual assault after player community admin and mental health advocate Jessy Quil made an open tweet to connect survivors – both openly and anonymously.

The thread contains accusations against notable gaming personalities on YouTube and Twitch as well as some which detail sexual misconduct and assault. The allegations have been shared on various platforms including Twitter, Twitlonger and Medium.

Many of the accused have released statements, some of which can be found collected in the above mentioned medium post. Numerous content creators including BlessRNG, Warwitch TV and ActaBunniFooFoo apologized and reportedly confirmed the cases.

“My intention is not to start witch hunts, but give validity and to let people know that they aren’t alone in their survivorship,” Quil wrote in a thread, adding that any cases are valid to add accountability and in fostering a “safer and more mature place.”

“It is important to inform others about suffered abuses and harassment when its well documented and from trusted sources,” she said.

The abuse allegations also extend to staff connected to game studios and annual gaming conventions, alleging people used their positions of power to exploit women. Allegations vary in nature, with many crossing lines of power dynamics and sexual consent.

In an emotional message by voice actor and streamer Natalie “Nati” Casanova, she accused ProSyndicate of unprotected sex without consent during an encounter. She later stated that it forced her to use birth control, despite causing amplified and extreme, debilitating side effects. ProSyndicate and an associate reportedly went with her to a pharmacy for the drug.

Blessrng Emote

Multiple women openly accused online gamer and streamer Sattelizer Games of sexual assault. A story by user HaleyBaby detailed staying together in Seattle with Satterlizer and others during Pax West 2016. After a night of drinking, she remembered waking up with another female streamer “with nothing on” but her underwear. Satterlizer reportedly told her they had intercourse. In her statement, she said “that something didn’t add up and knew I was drugged.”

“I am still being attacked, shamed, and called a liar just so that the person who assaulted me could sleep better at night,” she stated.

“Some people will stop at nothing to silence our voices and I hope that you will continue to stand with me — and use this moment to truly understand how difficult it is for any woman (even men) to share their story.”

Another user corroborated HaleyBaby’s account, claiming to be a friend and a witness to the events surrounding the alleged sexual assault. They also added Sattelizer was controlling the situation as an intoxicated Haley struggled to communicate clearly. outlining that they “saw Satt literally toss Haley in the Uber car and it left very quickly.”

“I was about to lose my s**t and so was Cake,” the user wrote, adding they and another friend held back from confronting Sattelizer. “We were basically trying to calmed each other down until I saw Satt literally toss Haley in the Uber car and it left very quickly,” they said.

The case was also one of many corroborated by other survivors, including Casanova who confirmed she was the other friend at PAX West who offered Haley a safe place to stay before she was taken to Sattelizer’s hotel.


Dot eSports later reported streamers including CS:GO player Henry “HenryG” Greer was accused of physical and emotional abuse by his ex-girlfriend Kelly Jean, claiming she was under the influence when he sexually assaulted her during a New Year’s celebration.

After the claims were shared on Medium, Twitch responded to the accounts on June 21, 2020 and launched an investigation on the names accused (and tied to their platform).

Jessy Quil’s post and her published Medium page are continuing to accept stories from survivors of sexual assault or harrasment.


Resources and support can be found online with organizations such as the National Sexual Violence Resources Center (NSVRC), or the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRS) which contain information for support across Canada. Donations can also be made with the NSVRC to support survivors and further action towards ending sexual assault and abuse.

A Tiltify page has been set up with HolyCrit for NAACP to donate for the elimination of actions spurred by hate, racial discrimination while funds will promote educational, political social and economic equality.

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