Bird Drawing With Colour


Below you’ll find some of my bird-themed coloring pages and step-by-step bird sketching pages that I’ve designed over the years for use in working with children, who learn best by doing.

Feel free to download and copy them for your nonprofit educational uses. And if your children enjoy them, I’d love to have you share photos with me!

Simple Bird Drawing With Colour

Birds of the Tropics in Spanish and English (click to download file)

Let’s Draw a Macaw! SPANISH VERSION (click to download file)

(Large file due to high-resolution photo)

Woodpecker’s role in the ecosystem (pdf)
An infographic I created that was commissioned by the Cavity Conservation Initiative, an organization dedicated to educating the public about the value of tree snags to wildlife communities.

These little birds couldn’t be any simpler. Their bodies are just a tear drop shape, and the tails a cluster of a few feathers. The idea of them sitting on top of each other to smell a flower is adorable in any book. What makes this drawing so pleasant to look at, is that the birds all seem to look very balanced.

Coloring page from the upcoming book I’m illustrating, Endemic Birds of the West Indies

More Resources About Birds

Video Tutorials on Drawing Birds

How to Draw a Robin

Drawing for kids with colour

How to Draw a Woodpecker

Drawing For Kids With Colour

Here's another bird drawing, titled Cessate. This drawing features a robin perched atop a swirly blue and cream pattern, in front of a richly colored floral background. Above his head is a section of sheet music from Cessate, omai cessate by Vivaldi. This combination of imagery causes the bird to appear quite refined, dignified, and sophisticated. Parrot Drawing in Color Pencils Bird Drawing Camlin Color PencilI am showing how to draw a Parrot using colored pencilsArt Materials:cartridge paper (siz. Jan 29, 2020 - Explore Cathy Cullum's board 'Colored Pencil - Birds', followed by 445 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about color pencil art, colored pencils, color pencil drawing.

Flower Drawing Colour

How to Draw an Ovenbird

How to Draw a Jay

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