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Authy And LastpassI have used FreeOTP, Google Authenticator, Authy, and LastPass Authenticator. Of those options, I use Authy because it is also free and has hands down the best UX.

Both Authy and LastPass support either a PIN code, fingerprint scanner, Touch ID, or Face ID (depending on which iPhone model you are using). Multi-Device Sync: The ability to sync data across multiple devices with access to your tokens. LastPass authenticator also has backup and offline use. But that said if you really want to use both, when you setup 2FA just keep the QR code open before entering the code and take a picture of the same barcode in both apps. Both apps should have the same seed. Authy really is the gold standard as far as authenticator apps goes—it works with a host of different accounts and comes packed with just about every feature you can think of for an app like.

However, I think that current solutions for soft token two factor authentication (2FA) generally do not provide a good user experience for end users. When trying to login and get work done, it is frustrating that the typical 2FA login flow requires a context switch to a completely different device, especially one that will likely distract you with non-work related notifications and content.

Authy And Lastpass

That is why I am working on a project called Two Factor Buddy (2FB), which integrates directly with the browser to automate the entry of 2FA codes during the login process with all of your favorite third party services (e.g. Github, Google, AWS, Stripe, etc). This means you can maintain the 2FA level of security on your accounts and get to work more quickly.

If 2FB sounds interesting, check out a short screencast of what the login flow looks like using 2FB [1] and add yourself to the email list [2] if you want to get notified when you can try it out.

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